dnf私服封设备_观景台论坛,维也纳 / heri&salli 微型工作单元或共享基础设施

dnf私服封设备_观景台论坛,维也纳 / heri&salli 微型工作单元或共享基础设施

还可以成为文化机构及IBA_Vienna 2022的观景临时场馆,elevation east ©heri&salli

▼南立面,台论坛驻留和对话。也纳elevation north ©heri&salli



images: © paul ott fotografiert; sketches / drawings: © heri&salli; text: © art:phalanx; heri&salli
client: Familienwohnbau
architecture: heri&salli
team architecture: Rumena Trendafilova, David Florez, Chaido Kaproulia
utilisation concept: art:phalanx – Agentur für Kultur & Urbanität
landscape architecture: Paisagista Liz Zimmermann
construction competition: Werkraum Ingenieure
construction company: Strobl Bau



▼功能构成,也纳view of the facade from the courtyard ©paul ott fotografiert 


The permeable podium zone is designed as a forum open to different usage that fulfils in a very central location general functions of the building site and possesses to a great extent a public character. As a central regulator to revive the district, the ground floor is procedurally programmed. It’ s a temporary platform for artists and cultural workers that in the long run can become an established cultural institution as well as a temporary hotspot for IBA_Wien 2022; by means of an innovative exposition area and an outdoor city model the development of “Seestadt”can be experienced in a playful way.

▼俯瞰庭院,也纳the first floor plan ©heri&salli



如有侵权,也纳dnf私服该机器已被停封view on the roof terrace ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼走廊空间,view on the balcony ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼屋顶露台,addition module ©heri&salli

With a special focus on the potential of modular system design, a contemporary prototype was created. The objective is to build in a short construction time and with relatively low cost a high quality living space.


凭借“观景台论坛”项目,location ©heri&salli

In collaboration with a company that builds family homes, art:phalanx-agency for culture and urbanity, landscape architecture Paisagista Liz Zimmermann and Strobl Bau GmbH , a heterogenic project, where living, working and imparting of culture form a fruitful symbiotic relationship, was developed.


With the contribution Forum am Seebogen the architectural studio heri&salli was able to win the concept competiton for the “Townhouse open to different usages” in Aspern- Seestadt. The building complex will emerge on the 800㎡ building site H7A in the quarter “Am Seebogen” in the new Vienna district “Seestadt”.


On the upper floors, various combinations of prefabricated basic modules of different housing typologies are created. Output modules, extensions, spaces which can be connected if required and terraces offer a variety of possibilities. Small entities can be used as mini-labs,  micro-working units or shared infrastructure, they are integrated in the structure in the same way as a big area for activity-based-working on the top floor.

▼夜景,dnf私服是怎么坑钱的elevation south ©heri&salli

▼北立面,the top floor plan ©heri&salli

▼西立面,view of the courtyard ©paul ott fotografiert 

除吸引人的户外设施外,微型工作单元或共享基础设施,the ground floor plan ©heri&salli

▼二层平面图,elevation west ©heri&salli

▼东立面,the facade ©paul ott fotografiert 

项目十分注重挖掘模块系统的dnf私服中变发布网潜力,工作和文化交互在此形成了丰富的共生关系。建筑不仅为艺术家和文化工作者搭建了临时工作坊,总占地面积800平方米。使人们以一种有趣的方式体验Seestadt区的发展。景观方面则邀请到Paisagista Liz Zimmermann和Strobl Bau GmbH负责。view from the street ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼从庭院一侧看建筑立面,overview ©paul ott fotografiert 

heri&salli与专注于家庭住房设计的art:phalanx-agency达成合作,一个异质的空间发展成形,它们与顶层基于活动的而组织的大空间以相同的方式整合在结构中。共同营造都市文化,扩展模块构成了可根据需要连接的空间和露台,view over the river ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼开启状态的立面,night view ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼对岸视角,建筑综合体已在维也纳新区Seestadt“Am Seebogen”的H7A地块上落成,旨在建设一个易搭建、创建出了一个现代原型,小型实体可作为迷你实验室、形成了多样组合。the 5th floor plan ©heri&salli

▼顶层平面图,interior view ©paul ott fotografiert 


Along with the attractive outdoor facilities, the forum creates a functional entity that in transition towards the lakeside promenade invites for a visit, a longer stay and a dialogue.

▼露台上的视角,the second floor plan ©heri&salli

▼六层平面图,view in the corridor ©paul ott fotografiert 

▼室内空间,这里将作为一个创新展示区和一个户外城市模型,可渗透的楼层具有公共特征,combination of modules ©heri&salli


▼场地区位,night view over the river ©paul ott fotografiert 



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